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Dr. David Boudreault, MD, the owner and medical director of Illuminate, and his co-founding wife Molly Boudreault, ACNP, are providers for Silicon Valley’s premier family practice of plastic surgery, med spa, and wellness.  Voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Palo Alto 2019, Dr. Boudreault expands Illuminate to encompass numerous offerings for patients to improve their outer aesthetic, as well as their inner wellness. In addition to outer beauty, Illuminate focuses on promoting total well-being by treating hormone imbalances for men and women, nutritional deficiencies, and various IV immune boosting therapies.  Illuminate’s wellness physician Dr. Del Toro provides specialized wellness and diet/nutrition coaching.  Together, Illuminate’s concierge-like practice is a sanctuary for all things related to current trends in “bio-hacking”, the latest term for anti-aging therapies. Now, Illuminate offers COVID-19 screening to further support the community. 

Wellness Physician Dr. Luciano Del Toro and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Boudreault

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