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Current Campaign:

Immune Defense
Thymosin Alpha 1 Peptide Kit


We will send you one 5-week supply of Illuminate Wellness's Immune Defense at-home injection treatment kit, and in exchange, you must complete the following:

  1. Email us at least three (3) high resolution images and one (1) unboxing video, due one week (7 days) after receiving the product

  2. Note: our editing team may edit them and email them back to you within 24-48 hours

  3. Once the images and videos are approved by our team, you will post at least one image to your Instagram feed and the unboxing video to your Instagram story with the appropriate mentions and hashtags, due no later than five (5) days after we send you the approval

  4. By collaborating with Illuminate, you are giving us exclusive ownership of your campaign images and video to repurpose for any commercial use and giving us permission to repost your content on Illuminate's social media handles

  5. Optional: If you choose to hold a contest for this campaign in your post (see instructions below), we will also send one of your followers a FREE 4-week supply of Illuminate Wellness's Immune Defense injection treatment kit!


  • Posts must be permanent, or not to be taken down, for at least 6 months after the post date

  • Images and videos must display the product very clearly

  • Videos must feature yourself interacting with the product (ex: unboxing the product, injection how-to's, describing the product, etc.)

  • Stay with the overall color theme of the Illuminate brand (blacks, whites, neutrals, nudes, metallics, and plants!)

  • Tag @dr.davidboudreault, @destination.restoration and @illuminatewellness on your post

  • Caption must include your reason for why you choose to use Thymosin Alpha 1 and why wellness is important to you, along with the hashtags #Wellness, #ThymosinAlpha1, #ImmuneDefense, and any other relevant hashtags


Engage your community by hosting a contest through your Instagram post and story! Let your audience know why you choose to use Thymosin Alpha 1 to boost your wellness and invite them for an opportunity to win a free 5-week supply for themselves! To qualify, they will need to like the post, leave a comment that mentions why wellness is important to them, and follow @illuminatewellness. After 5 days, let us know your winner, and we'll ship them their injection kit within 48 hours!


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